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Last updated on June 24, 2021

The purchase or sale of a home or piece of land for development is one of the largest transactions most people will make in a lifetime. Any mistake or avoidance of mistakes can have large repercussions for years to come. Legal counsel is essential for the protection of this substantial investment. People buying and selling residential real estate today need to be informed regarding all the facets of their purchases and sales.
Bazanos Law P.C. makes that level of legal certainty its goal in every residential real estate matter for which it accepts representation. Attorney Kori M. Bazanos puts almost 20 years of legal experience in the Chicago area at the service of her clients.

About Residential Real Estate Transactions In Cook County And Beyond

Supported by attorney Bazanos’ experienced legal judgment in residential real estate deals, buyers and sellers throughout Chicagoland can confidently enter into purchases and sale agreements. They know that they have had their transaction vetted by an attorney who understands the complicated, nuanced issues that can complicate and even undermine the long-term security that clients need and seek in a real estate deal. Critical issues encompass a range of real estate–related matters, including:

Attorney Bazanos is a registered title agent for Chicago Title and Trust Company and First American Title Insurance Company. She also often closes transactions at both Chicago Title and Fort Dearborn Land Title Company. As a result, she has acquired a firsthand appreciation for the subtle legal nuances that might elude the unwary person entering into a residential real estate deal. She is ready to put this knowledge to use for your benefit as you approach a real estate transaction.

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