Help With Construction Liens

Attorney Bazanos has the experience and the in-depth knowledge upon which clients can rely when dealing with mechanic’s liens. She helps clients with a wide variety of issues involving mechanics’ liens in Cook County and elsewhere, including:

  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Material suppliers
  • Commercial property owners

Mechanic’s liens have technical, statutory requirements that must be complied with and are time-sensitive. Our attorney can help you with all aspects of these complex legal instruments, promptly and effectively. A valid mechanic’s lien can convert a general unsecured claim to an interest-bearing secured claim which may be recoverable from an owner or contractor who has filed bankruptcy.

Clients appreciate attorney Bazanos’ industry-savvy approach to mechanic’s liens and related matters. Her personalized approach to each client means that each one receives legal services that are specifically tailored to their unique circumstances. Because they have received attorney Bazanos’ professional legal guidance exploring all available legal options, clients can make decisions confidently in even the most complicated mechanic’s lien disputes.

Take Action Sooner, Not Later

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