Chicago Construction And Real Estate Lawyer

Clients in the construction industry and real estate market seeking for guidance as to how to conduct their legal affairs can look to the Bazanos Law P.C. for advice informed by nearly 20 years of legal experience in the Chicago area.

Attorney Kori M. Bazanos has built her firm around the needs of clients. She understands that hands-on business owners today want an attorney who is accessible and responsive to the daily challenges that arise in construction and real estate matters.

Experienced Cook County Attorney: Commercial Litigation

Attorney Bazanos draws on her experienced legal judgment to provide clients with the timely legal guidance they need to position themselves for success both now and in the future. She regularly advises clients with respect to a number of matters, including:

The firm offers fee structure and scope of service agreements that are tailored to a client's individual needs. These agreements can address matters such as hourly billing, flat-fee billing or a mix thereof, as well as limited scope of service arrangements for single issues instead of an entire case.

Attorney Bazanos enjoys a record of success that enables clients to rely on her opinion with confidence. They rest easier, knowing that they have been apprised as to all of their legal options by knowledgeable and professional counsel.

Chicago, Illinois, Attorney: Commercial Property And More

The Bazanos Law P.C. invites potential clients to schedule a complimentary initial consultation: 312-578-0410. Clients can also contact the firm's lawyer online. All communications between the firm and any potential clients remain confidential.